Flame Willow

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The Flame Willow is certain to add fall and winter interest to normal to wet soil open areas. Beginning in summer on through winter, you'll enjoy colorful orange-red bark. Fall livens up the Flame Willow with golden leaves set against the red twigs. This rapid growing shrub quickly makes excellent windbreaks or privacy screens. A dense red twig willow that provides cover to wildlife and birds commonly use the buds and twigs. 

fast growing shrub, the Flame Willow Salix 'Flame' matures in the 15 to 20 foot height range varying in width from 10 to 20 feet. This compact shrub tolerates most any soil type and grows well in normal to wet soils. Prune or cut back every few years to maintain a healthy shape.

Plant in full sun to light shade. As with any willow plant, keep a safe distance from an septic or water lines to prevent damage. 

Flame Willow Salix 'Flame' 


Flame Willow ships as bare root plant in the 2 to 3 foot height range 



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