Creeping Lilyturf

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Creeping LIly Turf - Liriope spicata - Fast Spreading Groundcover

The Creeping Lilyturf or creeping liriope as it is also known as, is a fast-growing, creeping plant native to China and Vietnam. It is a herbaceous perennial plant that looks like grass, and it is often mistaken for a grass variety. It blooms in August to September producing white to lavender flowers that rise just above the foliage. The flowers then give way to spikes of black berries during the fall. It can grow to 18 inches high and with a spread of 24 inches.

Creeping Lily Turf Care

Maintaining this plant is very simple. You can water the plant weekly, but it is recommended to do so more frequently if growing very hot areas or during the first growing season to allow it establish and extensive root system. If you’d like to mow, the best time to do so would be in early spring.

The liriope spicata does well in full sun to part shade, and loves moist, well-drained soils. When planting, space the plants 2-3 feet apart, or closer is you want faster coverage. Use mulching to control weeds until the liriope covers the desired area. 

Liriope Spacing

Space these groundcover plants about 2 to 3 feet apart as a border edging or closer for a solid fill-in.

It is also perfect as a ground cover plant. It is also ideal for fire scaping, woodland gardens, or as a border plant. It can also be planted under shallow rooted trees or besides ponds. It is tolerant to rabbits, deer, erosion, drought, and air pollution.

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Creeping Liriope is grown in quart pots.

Orders shipping to CA or AZ may be partially bare rooted for shipping.

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