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Cherrybark Oak Trees

Cherrybark Oak Trees
  • Cherrybark Oak Trees
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Cherrybark Oak Trees - 

Cherry Bark Oaks are one of the fastest growing shade trees of the red oak family.

The Cherry Bark Oak is highly prized and the wood is high quality due to the trees rapid self-pruning characteristics. This makes the Cherry bark an easy tree to transplant and an easy tree to grow.

Cherrybark Oaks grow quite well in the costal areas of the southeast. This oak is recommended to plant as a specimen planting, or background for other grass and shrub plantings. Cherrybark Oak can be used in medium sized landscapes growing to only 40 foot tall and having a 40 foot spread over time. The Cherry bark Oak leaves are dark green, lustrous and smooth above and paler and smooth, to somewhat hairy, below.

Cherrybark oak acorns are great for wildlife and supply needed food for the gray squirrel, wild turkey, and blue jay, followed by the wood duck, red-bellied woodpecker, redheaded woodpecker, white-breasted nuthatch, common grackle, raccoon, white-tailed deer, and eastern fox squirrel.

If you have larger areas to plant the Cherrybark Oak Tree is great for mass plantings. Easy to transplant, easy to grow in moist well drained soils, full sun.


Cherrybark Oak Plants ship as 2 to 3 foot tall, bare root plants. 

Cannot ship into AZ, CA FL, LA or OR