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Silver Dragon Lilyturf

Silver Dragon Lilyturf
  • Silver Dragon Lilyturf
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Liriope spicata Silver Dragon - Variegated Liriope

The liriope silver dragon or more commonly called silver dragon lilyturf is a dramatic grass-like perennial. The foliage is a clump of arching, dark green leaves with silvery white strip running the length of the leaf. Pale lavender flowers bloom atop erect flower spikes in the summer, and later on in the fall give way to tiny black ornamental berries. It is an evergreen plant, but areas with extreme winter, the leaves can turn brown. It grows to heights of 10 inches, and spreads over an 18-inch area.

Liriope Silver Dragon Care

This is a very waterwise groundcover plant, needing very little caring for once well established. During the first growing season however, it requires deep, regular watering as it establishes its root system. The variegated liriope will grow easily in average to medium sandy, well-drained soils. It needs sunlight to flourish, and should therefore be planted either in the full sun or part shade where it will be exposed to direct sun at least 6 hours a day. It prefers places, and spreads underground rhizomes that form new colonies. You can mow the plant in early spring to remove old foliage, or divide foliage clumps every 2 years in early spring.

It is perfect as a highlight plant and edging partially shaded beds. It forms a very dense ground cover, and will thrive along streams or under shallow-rooted trees. The bright green, striped leaves adds brightness to the surrounding. It is rabbit, deer and drought tolerant and has no serious disease or insect problem. It is loved by slugs and snails though.

Companion plants for variegated liriope are Hosta, Coneflower, Veronica and Daylilies.



Silver Dragon Lilyturf is grown in quart pots.

Orders shipping to AZ and CA may be partially bare rooted for shipping.