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Fast Forward Muhly Grass

Fast Forward Muhly Grass
  • Fast Forward Muhly Grass
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Muhlenbergia Fast Forward | Muhly Grass - 

The Muhlenbergia Fast Forward is a new type of muhly grass that has a pinkish hue and blooms much earlier than other species. It begins bloom in august and continues right into the winter months. Small clumps of narrow leaves topped off with glowing pink flowers give it it’s signature look, and the strap-like leaves remain a beauty to behold even after the flowers fade. It has spreading stems that grow up to 4 feet long and a showy berry fruit.

This Pink muhly grass looks stunning when grown in masses, and more so when backlit.

Grow Muhly Grass

It grows well in sun to part sun conditions, and can reach heights of 30 inches tall and 4 feet tall when flowering. The best soils for ‘fast forward’ are loose well-drained sandy soils with good moisture retention and adequate nutrients. If you need to fertilize, use a max of 1 pound/yard of slow release fertilizer.

Muhlenbergia capillaris ‘Fast Forward’


Fast Forward Muhly Grass is growing in one gallon containers. Orders shipping to AZ and CA may be bare rooted before being boxed for shipping.