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Mertensia virginica | Virginia Bluebells

Mertensia virginica | Virginia Bluebells
  • Mertensia virginica | Virginia Bluebells
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Mertensia Virginica - Virginia Bluebells - 

The Mertensia Virginica or the Virginia bluebells as it is commonly know as, is a herbaceous perennial plant Native to North America. The Virginia bluebells bloom time is from early spring to early summer. It will throw your garden into a beautiful shade of colors that change as the flowers bloom.

The leaves of the virginia bluebells are large, smooth, and light green. The flowers start of as deep blue buds at first, then turn to almost purple, then pink, and finally blue as the bell-shaped flowers open. As they fade, the lowers turn to pink, giving you another splendid color display. The flowers grow in clusters.

The Mertensia virginica is a hardy plant and will survive hot dry conditions in full sun but will dry out and die in a few years. It prefers moist soils with a surplus amount of mulch and part shade. This means that they grow best in rich woodlands and along streams or rivers. In these conditions, they make wider and wider colonies every year.

It grows to 1.5-2 feet high, and 1-1.5 feet wide, but may exceed this size in the wild. It needs almost zero care, but because it goes dormant early, you will need to overplant them with annuals or combine them with perennials. They look exceptionally beautiful when planted with ferns in great masses. They also look beautiful combined with daffodils, lilacs, or trillium grandiflorum.

If you are wondering when to plant Virginia bluebells, we recommend planting them in late fall just below the surface of the soil. Make sure to keep the soil moist till germination.

You can use the Virginia bluebells for edging driveways, perennial beds, or walks.

Note on growing bluebells: Foliage dies to the ground by mid-summer when the plant goes dormant.


Mortensia virginica is grown in one gallon pots. Orders shipping to CA or AZ may be bare rooted before being prepped for shipping.