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Delosperma Fire Wonder | Ice Plant

Delosperma Fire Wonder | Ice Plant
  • Delosperma Fire Wonder | Ice Plant
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Fire Wonder Ice Plant - Wheels of Wonder Delosperma - 

Succulentevergreen perennial plants set the stage for the bright orange-red and yellow flowers with yellow to white centers on this Ice Plant. As with other delosperma, grow the Wheels of Wonder in well drained to dry soil. Butterflies are attracted to the red and yellow flowers. Excellent choice perennial plant for rock gardens, containers, edging, retaining walls, desert gardens, courtyards and as a lawn substitute.

Ice Plants are hardy succulent plants that will tolerate light foot traffic.

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Delosperma nubigenum Wheels of Wonder® Fire Wonder





Wheels of Wonder Fire Wonder Ice Plant is grown in 3.5 inch pots. Orders shipping to AZ and CA may be bare rooted and root washed before being prepped for shipping.