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Tiki Torch Coneflower

Tiki Torch Coneflower
  • Tiki Torch Coneflower
  • Tiki Torch Coneflower
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Big Sky™ Tiki Torch Coneflower

The Tiki torch plant has won many awards for its intense appearance. A cross between Echinacea paradoxa and purpurea, it is an attractive flower with massive drooping petals. The showy herbaceous perennial is surprisingly tolerant and is definitely one of the bolder choices to light up your garden.

This exciting flower bursts in bright orange petals with a rust-tinged coppery center cone. It is showy plant that makes for beautiful vase flowers and can also be used as dried flowers. This prolific bloomer produces flowers in early summer to early fall.

Coneflower care:

For the Tiki Torch Coneflower, care is minimal requiring well-drained, dry to medium soils. When grown on rich soils the plant becomes leggy. The tiki torch flower grows up to a meter tall on strong, upright stems, amidst a background of green foliage. It is long-lasting, blooming for up to 4 weeks or more, and quite tolerant of different weather conditions. It is also best grow in full sun and requires occasional watering. The flower heads should be removed by fall to reduce the birds feeding on the seeds. Cutting back spent flowers and stems also encourages more blooms and reduces self-seeding. This helps the tiki torch to keep growing and thriving.

The tiki torch coneflower makes a perfect addition to a sunny perennial border. Its flamboyant color is unmatched and goes quite well with other fiery varieties of border plants. It can also be grown in beds, meadows, prairies, naturalized and wildflower gardens. It presents best when grown alongside Rudbeckia, Russian Sage and Geranium Roxanne among others.

This coneflower is drought, deer, rabbit, humidity and heat resistant. It is however, quite attractive to hummingbirds, butterflies and humans! Echinacea, commonly known as Coneflower is for sale here at

Echinacea purpurea 'Tiki Torch' Plant Patent #18,839


Tiki Torch Echinacea is grown in a trade gallon container. Orders shipping to CA or AZ may be bare rooted before prepping to ship.