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Green Spice Coral Bells | Heuchera Varieties

Green Spice Coral Bells | Heuchera Varieties
  • Green Spice Coral Bells | Heuchera Varieties
  • Green Spice Coral Bells | Heuchera Varieties
  • Green Spice Coral Bells | Heuchera Varieties
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Green Spice Heuchera - 

In true Hybrid Coral Bells fashion, this cultivar features brilliant green foliage color. It is characterized by sturdy stacks of silvery-grey green leaves that have vivid purplish veins. These turn orange in fall. In late spring the plant produces the classic heuchera green spice flowers that are snowy white spires. The stems on this plant can grow up to heights of 8-10 inches, spreading to 18-23 inches.

This herbaceous perennial is an excellent choice for ground cover masses, woodland underplanting and even for planting beneath shady tree canopies. It is also a good choice for irregular groups and naturalistic gardens. You may also opt to use it as a patio plant or for nesting a bird fountain in a natural garden. Its versatility can also see it used a border or edging plant.

Like most heuchera varieties, the green spice is also best planted in rich, well-drained soils. In particularly hot climates, consider planting it in part shade. It has minimal care requirements, preferring only that the soil does not dry out. You may water it more frequently in hotter climates and during the first planting season. Evergreen perennial in mild climates.

Once the roots of the green spice coral bells are established, gradually phase out the watering frequency and feeding. It should not be trimmed back in the fall, but it is prudent to tidy up in spring by getting rid of withered and dried-up foliage. Propagation can be done by dividing the clusters every 4 years.

This cultivar makes an excellent companion plant to heuchera obsidian, Lenten RoseAstilbe and Hosta. Its dramatic foliage color makes an excellent aesthetic variant in any garden. It also makes an excellent potted-plant gift.

The green spice is often ignored by deer and rabbits and in addition, poses no significant disease or insect problems. Buy Green Spice Heuchera here at

Heuchera americana 'Green Spice


Green Spice Heuchera is grown in a trade gallon container. Orders shipping to CA or AZ may be bare rooted before prepping to ship.