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Alabama Sunrise Foamy Bells

Alabama Sunrise Foamy Bells
  • Alabama Sunrise Foamy Bells
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Heucherella Alabama Sunrise -

The Alabama Sunrise is characterized by the changing colors of its deeply folded vegetation. Its leaves shine brightly golden with red veins from spring to mid-summer. In mid-summer the leaves fade to chartreuse while retaining the red veining. In fall the leaves undergo a total transformation, turning into a vibrant coral. They maintain this terrific color throughout winter.

The Heucherella Alabama Sunrise plant, which is a combination of Heuchera and Tiarella, is a foamy bells variant. it is a massive improvement over the older varieties introduced in 2008 at the Terra Nova Nurseries based in Oregon.

Plant this heucherella plant in a sunny to part-shaded areas, 35 x 35 cm apart to avoid overcrowding as these can spread to a distance of 30-45 cm. For optimal performance they are best grown in rich, sandy, permeable soils. They have average water requirements as long as the soil is not left to dry out. When bedding you can use a slow-release fertilizer and add on a liquid fertilizer as, and when, needed. Prune any unsightly foliage just before new growth starts to emerge in late winter to early spring.

In extreme weather conditions such as winter, it is recommended that you cover the plant with brushwood. This plant is ideal for late summer planting as a potted plant, in window boxes, or in pots. It can also be used as an accent plant for its excellent texture and form.

It is deer and rabbit resistant and will therefore make an excellent edging plant. Plant is alongside other tall perennial pants for shade and vibrant plants for color variation.  Combine it with other Huechera, perennial ferns and Hosta lilies that love partial or full shade. The hardy Alabama Sunrise can also withstand pollution and makes a perfect City garden plant.



Alabama Sunrise Heucherella is grown in a trade gallon container. Orders shipping to CA or AZ may be bare rooted before prepping to ship.