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Cityline Paris Hydrangea

Cityline Paris Hydrangea
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Cityline Paris Small Hydrangea

The Cityline Paris Hydrangea is the most mildew resistant of the Cityline Series. As the Hydrangea Cityline Paris pink flowering shrubs begin to mature, they turn green and are perfect for fresh or dried indoor arrangements.These shrubs thrive in full sun in northern climates, afternoon shade farther south. They begin blooming in midsummer and continue until autumn, for a huge show of color in a very small space. A great new Proven Winners.

CITYLINE™ Dwarf Hydrangea Patent #10,906

Compact Enough for Containers!

These are the hydrangeas that growers and homeowners have been waiting for. They only reach 1 to 3 feet in height and have a neat, tight habit so pruning is never required. No more pruning off flower buds by mistake. Large beautiful blooms are great for dried or cut flowers. Each of the four varieties is a slightly different shade of pink, and will be affected by soil pH. The result is an incredible plant that requires no care or maintenance.

The Cityline™ series hydrangeas that are naturally tight and compact so they don't need to be pruned to stay neat and tidy. The plant may be petite but the flowers are large and vibrant. Originally developed in Europe where growth regulators are prohibited so growers can now finish a tight full plant without chemicals, or shearing or pruning off flower buds.

Pruning and Planting the Cityline™ Hydrangeas:

These dwarf Hydrangeas typically do not require much pruning but if you wish to build a tighter plant or maintain a shorter size follow these instructions:

Cityline™ Hydrangeas form their flower buds in later summer and then flowers in late June. The best time to prune is it after it blooms, from mid-July to mid-August. Stop pruning in mid-august to allow time for the flower buds to form prior to winter.

As a young plant it is best to prune or pinch your plant in order to build a full bodied, well branched plant. If the plant is leggy when you purchased it, shear the plant back hard by 1/3 to 1/2 its original size. Once it puts on an inch or two of growth, pinch the branch tips to remove just the growing tip. This tip controls branching. Once it is removed the buds below it will turn into stems. Once these new branches grow an inch or two, pinch the tip out again. You can repeat this throughout the first growing season as you are tending your garden. Although you will sacrifice one year of bloom, this technique results in a well branched, full bodied plant that will have more flowers in subsequent years.

The second season in the ground, repeat the pinching practice (or lightly shear) up until mid-August. Stop pruning and pinching to allow the flower buds to set. During the third and subsequence seasons, prune or pinch as necessary after flowering and before bud set in mid-August. Do not be afraid to prune or shear your plant harder if you wish to maintain a shorter size.


Cityline™ Paris Hydrangeas ship as fully rooted one quart plants

Plants shipping to CA and AZ addresses will be bare rooted before being prepped for shipping.