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Dianthus Everlast Dark Pink

Dianthus Everlast Dark Pink
  • Dianthus Everlast Dark Pink
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Dianthus Everlast™ Dark Pink - 

The Everlast™ dark pink is a hybrid dianthus variety with the usual blue-green foliage of all other varieties of dianthus. It is extremely fragrant and has striking ruffled raspberry pink flowers that bloom in the spring, summer, and fall too, giving you an amazing display of color all through the summer season. The flowers are held on slender stems that rise above the dark contrast of the green foliage. Like other dianthus plants, it is a dwarf growing to heights of 12 inches and with a spread of 10-14 inches wide.

Burgundy Dianthus Care

Caring for this hybrid dianthus is pretty easy and straightforward. Sheering the foliage is not recommended, but you can cut off fading flowers. The more flowers you cut, the more the burgundy dianthus blooms. They are therefore perfect for indoor cuttings as doing this will not adversely affect its blooming. These varieties of dianthus grows well in loose sandy soils that are slightly alkaline. They are quite hardy too, but require frequent watering during the first year of growth. It grows well in plenty of sunlight, so make sure it is grown in areas it receives direct sunlight for the better part of the day. It can also be divided every 2 to 3 years in the spring season.

If you are looking for a beautiful perennial dianthus for your rock garden or one to use as a border plant, the burgundy dianthus is just perfect. It will fill your garden with its sweet fragrance, making it a must-have of all dianthus varieties. The sweet fragrance and bright flowers are also a butterfly magnet. 

Companion dianthus plants are Dianthus Tiny Rubies, Burgundy Blush Dianthus and Early Bird Frosty White Dianthus.


Dark Pink Everlast Dianthus are grown on one gallon pots. Orders shipping to CA and AZ may be partially bare rooted for shipping.