You Can Grow Clematis in Pots

Besides selecting a colorful array of clematis plants, one of the keys to create an interesting container garden is to choose plants with a variety of heights.  Growing clematis vines in a container will not only add a pop of brilliant color but create visual vertical interest as well.

Hundreds of clematis varieties are available.  It is important to know which clematis variety you purchased, and the care it will need.  If you’re comfortable in the garden but still want something hardy, then one of the most popular and perhaps the easiest to cultivate is the Jackmanii clematis

Introduced in England in the mid-1800s, the Jackmanii is a low maintenance plant that thrives in full sun and some shade.  Its long vines can stretch to ten feet, and its violet-purple blooms flower from mid to late summer. 

There are several considerations on how to grow clematis successfully.  Since it will survive over the winter, you will want to purchase a container significantly larger than you might buy than other potted annuals.  The extra space will protect the roots during the winter. 

Besides the container, make sure you have purchased a trellis or have some support as the vines grow.   When you are repotting the clematis from the nursery, put the trellis in the container immediately so you will not disrupt the soil (roots) once the vine starts its ascent.

If you already have a container full of Jackmanii and are interested in repotting the clematis, dividing them is easy.  Just as in purchasing, it is important to know which variety you have because when you divide it the optimal time to do so will change.  Regardless, you don’t have to lose any sleep over it.    A poorly timed division will only mean lesser growth in the upcoming summer.    If you haven’t divided them by now, wait.  This is an early spring project.

Standard potting soil and average watering will be sufficient to keep your Jackmanii clematis climbing towards the sky all summer long. 

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grow clematis in pots