Pick Your Own Strawberries

Looking for Pick Your Own Strawberries?

There are generally two types of pick your own strawberry farms. The first type is where strawberries are picked early in the day and ready for pick up. The second type is where visitors are shown to the rows of strawberry plants and allowed to walk through picking the berries direct from the plants. 

Click here for more on Pick Your Own Strawberries from our friends at StrawberryPlants.org.

Plant a Pick Your Own Operation

Do you have some vacant farmland that is rich in organic matter that you would like to plant a Pick Your Own Operation? Be sure to do lots of research beginning with reading this informational article from the University of Tennessee Extension Office. Then you will want to get in touch with your SCS or Soil Conservation Service which is part of your state's department of agriculture. Most areas have local offices. The SCS office will help you with soil testing, row layout and best planting procedures for growing strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. They can also provide you with information on other operations.

pick your strawberries

Pick your own strawberry farm