New Lavender Farmers Making Their Dream Come True!

Greenwood Nursery Wholesale Customers Proud of Their New Lavender Farm

We'd like to tell you about David and Renee Correll of La La Lavender Farm in Berryville, AR. They are new lavender farmers. Planting their first lavender varieties from Greenwood Nursery in spring 2021 and a new planting this spring (2022), their plants are growing beautifully. The picture above is of their field.

Renee will be making lavender products along with instructing classes and demonstrations, plus they are doing a you-pick for your own fresh lavender blooms. If you're in their area, give them a shout and visit.

Growing lavender on a large scale, like the Correll's, takes time and planning. Here at Greenwood, we recommend everyone do their due diligence before even talking about buying the plants.

If you're a want-to-be lavender farmer, give Steve a call at the nursery (931-668-3041) to go over where you need to get started. Wholesale Lavender

Greenwood Nursery Wholesale Customers Building Lavender Farm