How to Reduce Watering in the Garden and Keep Plants Alive

Tips to reduce watering in the garden, landscape and yard and still keep plants alive:

  • Mulch around plants with shredded bark mulch, aged compost mix or aged manure mix
  • If you can't mulch large areas, spread a good layer of straw (not hay)
  • Hoeing the ground around the plants brings moisture closer to the surface for the plants
  • Plant perennials close together to shade the ground
  • Use soaker hoses where needed instead of overhead watering
  • When watering with a garden hose, water only the ground around the base of the plant and not the leaves on the plant
  • Water late evening or early morning only
  • Hold off any fertilize applications until the weather is cooler or it rains as plants will be less stressed

reduce summer watering in the garden

By Cheryl D. Jones

Greenwood Nursery