How to Grow Roses | 4 Easy To Do Steps

4 Steps to Growing Beautiful Roses

The story we have heard, for so long, is that growing roses is an arduous, tedious and difficult thing. But...everyone wants to have roses in their garden and landscape!  We want fast and easy to grow roses. After all, roses are the most famous, and perhaps the most beautiful flowers you will ever find.

Care for roses starts right out from planting. However much it has been made difficult in words, you will be surprised to learn that it is way easier than expected. For healthy, beautiful roses, the ideas on this article will certainly be of help to you.

In order to take care of roses as a gardening guru would, make sure you do the following for your rose shrubs.

Plant your roses in the right spot

Roses are happy when they get the right place to grow in. The right chill spot for roses is a place with enough sunlight. Better yet, find a place that receives direct sunlight, for a minimum of six hours a day. While a few rose varieties may probably adapt to lightly shaded areas, most will not love growing in the part to full shade. They grow and even force some flowers, but even then, the flowers will be small, few and more susceptible to suffering from pests and diseases.

In addition, it is important to plant roses in soil that is well-drained, with only a medium amount of water. Too much water drowns everything, doesn’t it?

Feed your roses well

Do roses need food? Yes, they definitely do. With their long blooming season, they will require lots of nutrients. We just never notice. In fact, roses, sometimes need specific types of “food” that help them grow better, bigger and faster.

Slow releasing fertilizers work best for rose gardens. There are specific fertilizers for roses. However, keeping a good aged compost around the base of the shrub as mulch will decompose and also provide many good nutrients for the shrub. This is a great option when you lack the option or energy to get to the hardware store for fertilizer.

Water the roses like a pro

Water is an essential part of caring for roses. Roses will not grow in water-logged soils. For maximum growth, you should plant them in soils that have good drainage.

While they can grow in a variety of different areas, the amount of water you need depends on your location and weather patterns.. Places with higher temperatures and sandy soils will call for more water than those with loam and heavier soils. In addition, using a soaker hose while watering your roses is a good option, because the hose delivers the water straight onto the roots. When watering with your hose pipe, alwasy water plants at their base or soil level. Hitting the foliage can create water burn, attracts bugs and does not allow the water to be directed to the root system of the plants.

Prune roses frequently

Roses do need a good pruning during the growing season. While it is hard to kill a rose bush by over pruning, especially the Knock Out Roses, it is also equally hard to maintain a bushy, unkempt rose bush.

Shrub roses are best pruned in early spring for shaping (before they leaf out) and then again around mid summer after their first flush of flowers have begun to wither. Mostly, this is just some basic pruning that removes the dead leaves and spent flowers. Cut the branches that surround the rose stem until you are only left with the strong healthy branches that are nicely shaped.


Following these 4 steps on growing roses will help you to grow beautiful shrub roses. 


How to Grow Roses