Fast Growing Nishiki Willow Shrubs For Privacy

Looking for a flowering shrub that is fast growing that will grow and create privacy within only a couple of years? Then the Nishiki Willow is your shrub. This tall growing flowering shrub is perfect for seasonal privacy hedges. Growing as tall as 12 to 15 feet, this 3 season color shrub is easily pruned for shorter height. Greenwood Nursery customer, Sandi in Pennsylvania, shared a picture of her Nishiki Willow hedge with us recently. Purchasing only the bare root version of the Nishiki's a couple of years ago, she now has a beautiful hedge that will provide her and her family with privacy when they're in the backyard this summer. 

You can still get your willow hedge growing this summer with out potted Nishiki Willow plants. The sooner you get your hedge planted, the sooner it will look like Sandi's!