Is Fall a Good Time to Plant?

This has been a popular question this week. And, the answer is yes! 

September is a great time for planting in most areas especially zones 4 to 8. Generally the month begins as a carry over from and humid. As it progresses, temperatures often become milder making the days that the plants are in transit much less stressful.

Then October arrives with continued warmer temps...but a crisp in the air. Zones 5 to 9 can safely plant during this time. Zones 6 and warmer can plant November. With zones 7 and warmer planting into December (as long as mild temperatures continue). 

Planting in Fall is good. On average, most areas experience more rainfall during these months, so less supplemental watering is needed after planting. The goal for fall planting is for the plants to establish a strong root system before winter temperatures set in. Don't fertilize when fall planting or plants already in the landscape. New growth put on by plants over this time may not have enough time to harden off for winter. This type of damage can weaken plants making them more susceptible to further winter damage. 

Fall plant ground cover plants, shrubs, trees and perennial plants. The new root growth that they put on will be ready to kick off growing in spring and that's when you'll see all the new top growth.