Creeping Phlox Ground Covers In Spring Bloom

The popular spring flowering Creeping Phlox are now in bloom and shipping to home gardeners. This evergreen ground cover is perfect for hillsides, lawn edging, containers and lawn substitutes. announces Creeping Phlox are in spring flower and now shipping to home gardeners throughout the continental United States and Alaska. 

Available in 6 different colors like the Apple Blossom, Candy Stripe, Emerald Blue, Red, Pink and White, these creeping ground cover plants grow as evergreen plants in most areas.

“This time every spring, the greenhouses brighten up with Creeping Phlox. Once considered to be a perennial found in your grandmother’s yard, creeping phlox has made a strong comeback over the last few years.” notes Cheryl Jones, President of Greenwood Nursery. “New homeowners and gardeners are now looking at it as a staple for year round ground coverage.” Jones adds, “A long overlooked groundcover plant, creeping phlox is a hardy low growing evergreen creeping perennial plant.” Says Jones, “It is commonly seen as draping over edges, on steep hillsides and low embankments in landscapes. In spring this dependable gardening phlox comes alive with beautiful flowers sitting on top of bright green foliage. It’s always our fastest selling spring perennial plants.”

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