Create Privacy With Tips From A City Shade Garden

With a few well placed trees and shrubs, create privacy your own in your outdoor sitting area with these tips from a city shade garden. Beginning with an old wooden fence, planting a combination of interesting and evergreen plants, this sitting area is a private shade garden space right in the middle of a major city. 

The placements of the trees and shrubs on the inside of the privacy fencing not only block the city from view, but are soft and interesting. Benches to sit on and enjoy being outside are welcomed.

Toss in ground covers, wildflowers, moss covered rocks and a few other added items such as a small bamboo fountain and whimsical statues. A perfect spot for rest and relaxation. Without going into the outside world, you'd never know you're right in Atlanta.

You can create your own private setting by planting evergreen shade trees like the Thuja Green Giants or Murray Cypress. Choose an interesting plant like the owners did here with unusual bark. Create the same with a River Birch tree. Now choose evergreen shrubs like clumping bamboo so it doesn't spread and domestica nandina. Using evergreen perennials like liriope and pachysandra ground cover for seasonal stability. With good structure, it is easy to add in spring and summer flowering perennials or even annuals for additional color. 

Keeping a good layer of mulch will help to keep weeds from germinating.

Shade garden setting with shade loving plants