Best Winter Plants For Pots


Best plants to plant in winter pots

After Thanksgiving and the weather turns frosty, most decorative pots and window boxes are ready for a seasonal change. Whether you're starting with new pots or freshening up pots in use, here is our listing of best winter plants for pots

When starting with new, choose frost/freeze resistant pots, fill with mostly a topsoil blend without peat or fertilize (now is not the time to encourage plant growth) and an assortment of plants for color and texture.

Choose these for pot backgrounds, as a single plant in limited pots, or planted as a row in a window box with lights added.

Holmstrup Arborvitae

Emerald Green Arborvitae (one gallon size)

Nandina Fire Power (one gallon size)

Sungold Cypress



Choose from these shrubs if you're going to create colorful plant combinations.

Tiny Tot Arborvitae Thuja (one gallon size)

Color Guard Yucca

Wedding Ring Boxwood

Sprinter Boxwood

White Azalea (one gallon size)


Then, select a grass.

Carex Evergold Sedge

Little Bunny Pennisetum

Pink Muhly Grass


Finish off with a low growing plant.

Needlepoint Ivy

Hen and Chicks

Autumn Brilliance Fern

Tassel Fern

Georgia Peach Heuchera

Obsidian Heuchera



Arp Rosemary




Once planted, cover the soil with moss that is available at most hobby stores. Water plants as needed - don't water during freeze periods. Depending on your location, plants in containers may be susceptible to the roots freezing at which point these and other such plants can only be enjoyed for one season.