Best Plant Prices Online

I enjoy visiting other online mail order nurseries to see what plants they're offering, too. This morning I was looking at ferns and flowering shrubs offered by one of our competitors. This site, also, offered the Snowbelle Mockorange in the same 4 (actually a 3.5) inch pot as we do, yet their price was considerably more expensive. A dollar or two difference I could understand especially since we purchase that plant from the same plant grower. 

Then I went onto ferns. We offer the same varieties in the same size pots for so much less. Example: one of our ferns (in 3.5 inch pot) is currently $6.95 and our competitor is $18.99. Wow! Huge difference! This was the same with most all plant varieties, too. 

By this time, I am extremely curious so I continue on. Black Knight Butterfly bush, same size pot, they were charging almost 3 times our price. We offer so many of the same flowering shrubs, yet, their pricing is over the top for the same plants in the same size pots. Well...I take that back, quite a few of the flowering shrubs that I saw we offer as a one gallon container grown plant and theirs in the 4 inch the same price! 

Their Dawn Redwood plants were in 4 inch pots but are the same price as our one gallon size. And so on...

Here at Greenwood Nursery we do our best to keep prices where they are affordable to customers and still are able to offer the best customer service. Unlike the competitor, when you call, you're actually calling our office here in Tennessee and will speak with one of our nursery staff. We're accessible to you by email and phone to answer your questions, help you through caring for your plants and offering plant selection advice. The internet has made things so impersonal. But, here we appreciate getting to know our customers and take pride in making the best mail order nursery to buy plants online.