Awesome Lawn Edging Ideas

Gardens, undoubtedly, are an important part of every house. A well designed and maintained garden adds to the beauty and outlooks of your house making it more attractive. It provides you the way to interact with nature, as along with the greenery and flowers, you also get a way to attract beautiful birds. Also, it will help to you pursue a new hobby of gardening. No doubt that the entire garden should be designed in creative and thoughtful way, but edging is the thing where you need to focus little more. Lawn edges are created to define boundaries between different types of flowers and especially, to keep the paths and garden separate.

When it comes to lawn edging, lots of choices are available to you. From natural plants’ to rocks, there are a number of things in-between that you can use for lawn edging, which include wood, bricks, metal, plastic, concrete and some others. Each of these materials provides you different methods of edging, like you can use bricks to create horizontal edging or diagonal brick edging. But, plant edging is the way by which you can create a blooming focus on different aspects of your garden. Along with giving natural and soft look to your garden, plants edging also make the installation and maintenance easy.  

Here are some awesome lawn edging ideas for having an effective and attractive edge for your lawn, pathway or driveway.

  • If your garden is large and contain different types of flowers, then along with creating the edging at the borders of garden, it would be better if you create edging for separating all the flower species from one another. For simple and soft looks, you can use the same plants for creating edges on the garden border and in its inner area. For this, you can use any of the hardy perennial plants, which fits your choice and the looks of your garden. 
  • For giving an attractive look to your garden, you can use different small perennials to define the outside and inside borders of your garden. There are mainly two ways. First is using one plant species for defining the outside bordering of garden and another for separating all the flower species inside it. No matter which plants you use for edging, this pattern will give just attractive view and will clearly show all the different species.

Another way is using different plants for bordering different flower beds of your garden. This method requires you to be creative because a perfect combination or contrast of colors and size will make perfect edging pattern.

  • Size is another factor to mull over. No doubt that everyone has his own choice and liking, but it would be better if the edging plants are little higher than the grown plants. It will depict the clear separation. Also, there should be some combination between the heights of all edging plants. For an instance, the plants used for outside edging can have different height from that of inside ones, but the inside edging plants should be of same height. Though their height can be reduced by cutting, but you should choose the plants with same height growth.
  • While choosing edging plants, you should consider the colors that all the plants in your garden are having. For more simple looks you can choose the evergreen shrubs that don’t produce flower as it will give green color throughout the year. And if you are interested in making it colorful, then choose the plants by keeping in mind their changing colors.
  • You are also required to make a choice between narrow and wide edging. Though it depends on available area and size of your garden but wide edging is considered as the best to give a warm look to your garden. It will not only make it attractive and simple, but will also create clear separation.

All these ideas are really going to help you in creating perfect edging for your garden, but if you think that you are not much creative and lack in ideas, then you can consult a garden designer for this purpose or simply can search on internet for having different ideas. However, here we are providing you the list of some shrubs and plants that you can use for lawn edging.

  • Small perennials

Small perennials are best to use for edging if most of the shrubs or flowering plants in your garden are low in height. One of the best small perennials that you can choose is coneflower which is further divided into many types. All the types produce flowers of different colors which include pink, purple pink, white, yellow, bright red, orange and rosy pink. An advantage of using these plants is that you can change the edging colors by keeping the plant species same.

You will find many options when looking for hardy perennials, thus choosing the one or two becomes little difficult. While choosing any of these hardy plants, ensure that they show same growth the year around and need low maintenance. Some of the hardy perennials that you can add to your option list are Patriot Hosta, Japanese painted fern, Monarda blue stocking, ornamental grasses, Oregano hot and spicy, orange mint, achillea moonshine and others.

As you are required to keep the edging height low and same, it is recommended to choose the low growing flowering shrubs. You cannot cut them from the top as will destroy them and will make them unable to produce flower. So, you are required to choose the one with low growth rate and better resistant for different climatic conditions. Here are some options- Spirea Blue Kazoo, Drift Roses, Rave Hydrangea, Nandina Firepower, Hypericum St. Johns Wort and more.

Whether you are going to select the plants for your garden or for creating its edges, there is a lot of variety to choose from. Before making any choice clearly know about their physical features, climatic conditions and other aspects of these plants.

Awesome Lawn Edging Ideas