9 Ways to Grow Your Garden Naturally

Natural things you already toss out are just what your garden needs most. Mixing in some of your kitchen throwaways into your soil will help your plants get their nutrients and grow beautifully. Other toss away items will help to kill or keep week population down.

Newspapers, Straw and Cardboard

Newspapers, straw and cardboard can be placed on areas where you want to keep weeds from growing or smother them out. Lay the paper or cardboard down and water to soak, place mulch or blocks on top keep from blowing away or moving.

Table Salt

Sprinkle table salt onto weeds before rainfall or dissolve into boiling water and pour over weeds, especially for use between pavers and path stones.

Leaf Mulch

Leaf mulch from deciduous trees can be chopped or mowed into pieces for top mulch or mixed into soil.

Granulated Sugar

Mix about 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar into a quart size spray bottle filled with water. Spray onto insect infected leaves. Good for removing Japanese beetles from roses and other shrubs. Sugar is not harmful to plants and will be absorbed through the leaf pores and actually stimulates the plants.

Used Tea Bags

Add used tea bags to a bucket or container of water and steep for 5 to 7 days and use to water plants. Or…open tea bags and sprinkle onto the soil. 

Coffee Grounds

Save used coffee grounds and mix into the soil around plants.


Crush eggshells into a container of water and soak for a few days, then feed plants. Adds calcium and minerals to soil. Also…crushed eggshells placed around plants help to keep the slugs away.

Banana Skins

Add to compost or chop into small pieces and add direct to the soil around your plants. Is especially good for roses.

Vegetable Peels

Add to compost or mix in vegetable peels and raw scraps into the garden soil.

Adding in raw fruits and vegetable peels and scraps along with a few other kitchen and household items will help to maintain your garden and allow it to grow…naturally.