9 Ground Cover Plants For Containers and Small Yard Areas

When your gardening needs call for ground cover plants that have limited spread or drape over containers, there are 9 ground covers in waiting that are ready to step up for the job. These small plants have controllable growth for small landscapes or yard areas, plus are perfect for containers and many will grow to drape over the edges. You can't go wrong selecting any of these for your small yard or containers.

Elfin Thyme - this ever so tiny leafed plant is perfect for ground coverage in sunny well drained spaces and will drape over the edge when planted in containers.

Laurentia Blue Star Creeper - ceates a dense mat of semi-evergreen foliage between stepping stones, rock gardens and containers.

Dwarf Mondo Grass - tiny tufts of grass-like foliage that tolerate foot traffic - loves shade.

Japanese Ogon Golden Sedum - wonderful bright yellow succulent foliage that is drought tolerant and mostly evergreen. perfect for sunny, dry areas.

Veronica Georgia Blue - beautiful periwinkle blue flowers appear over spring to early summer on this evergreen ground cover. Great for underneath shrubs, borders and containers.

Ice Plant (Delosperma) - forms thick evergreen mat on the ground. Excellent choice for dry sunny areas, rock gardens and containers.

Iberis Candytuft - spreads about 1 foot wide. lovely white flowers are striking against the dark evergreen foliage over spring to mid summer.

Red Creeping Thyme - ground hugging fragrant plant for planting between pavers, sunny areas, sandy soil, drapes over edges and small areas.

Mazus Reptans or Alba - tolerates wet areas, too. Choose white or blue flowers for your mazus. This tiny ground cover tolerates foot traffic.