8 Tough Plants Even a Brown Thumb Can't Kill

Everyone loves to plant plants in spring and summer to be able to enjoy beautiful flowers or colors later in the season. But...sometimes it doesn't turn out that way and the plants just don't make it. There are many reasons why plants don't live. The most common reasons are not watering after planting and on a regular schedule for a few weeks, over watering, not watering, fertilizing, 

Some people are settled into believing that they have brown thumbs and can't grow anything. With a few guidelines and selecting the correct plants, anyone can have a beautiful garden setting. 

You've found a spot where you want to plant.

Assess...it is in an area that is sunny, shaded or a little of both? Let's determine. Full sun is considered to be an area with about 6 hours plus each day with direct sunlight. Shade is when the area receives about 2 hours or less of sunlight or if it is only filtered sunlight. Part sun/shade is 2 hours up to about 5 hours of direct or blocked sunlight each day.

Is your soil easy to clump up in your hand when damp, is it dry (or sandy)...or does it seem to drain well? Plants such as sedums prefer loose sandy soil so they can easily spread and can be a little more difficult to get started in tough clay soil. Whereas, many perennial plants that like part sun to full sun, seem to enjoy well drained soil better. Lots of shade loving plants like ferns, woodruff and hostas, will tolerate a bit damper soil.

So...now you should know the amount of light you are dealing with and the type of soil. Now, you can make a better guess on the best plants for your area. We have a list below for part to full sunny areas in well drained soil. But....if your areas are different go to our category department pages (such as Perennials, Groundcovers, Shrubs, etc) and select the growing situations in your areas such as zone, soil conditions, light requirements, mature height, etc) and click the apply button. You will then have a great selection of plants to choose from.

Here we have plants that grow in part to full sun in well drained soil.

Candytuft - an evergreen mounded groundcover that has deep green foliage and from spring through mid to late summer has beautiful white blooms. Iberis Purity and Iberis Snowsation.

Gracillimus Miscanthus - Commonly called Maiden Grass, the Gracillimus is the oldest of the Miscanthus sinensis. A beautiful mound shaped grass that grows in the 4 to 6 foot height range. Beautifully shaped for any garden setting.

Plum Pudding Heuchera - Wonderful for edging in partly sunny (or partly shaded) areas. Foliage deepens into beautiful burgundy color. Keeps color year round.

Variegated Zebra Iris - Interesting variegated foliage from spring through summer sets the tone for spring light purple blooms. A great introduction to growing irises.

Liriope - The Isabella Liriope is a great lawn alternative. This clumping liriope has deep foliage and often mistaken for grass. Hardy and easy to grow. Great for edging pathways, driveways, and landscape setting.

Loropetalum - Jazz Hands loropetalum is a brightly colored small growing purple leaf shrub. An evergreen that is sure to delight your garden setting throughout the year only to be surprised by hot pink blooms in spring.

Veronica - The evergreen groundcover Veronica Georgia Blue is a hardy grower. Foliage turns coppery bronze in fall with periwinkle blue blooms covering the plants throughout spring. An excellent groundcover.

Blueberry Muffin Ajuga - This evergreen groundcover ajuga grows amazingly in part sun to full shade. Gorgeous large spikes can't be missed in spring. 

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