6 Free Shed Plans to Build a DIY Shed or Storage Building

Free Plans - Backyard DIY Storage Shed



Backyard storage sheds can be expensive purchases. But...over a weekend, you can build one of these tool sheds or backyard storage buildings. Each of these free shed plans will provide you with a materials list and step-by-step instructions for you to build your own shed. From simple tool sheds to larger storage buildings, one of these Free Shed Plans will be just right for you!

To get started, here are some considerations you may need to be aware of on How to Build Your Own Shed by Popular Mechanics. Taking a moment to read over those tips many save you many hours of frustration on building your new backyard storage shed.



Gable Tool Shed Free Plan

This 8 x 8 Gable Style Small Storage Building or Tool Shed is a basic style for ease in construction. The gable roof line is perfect for additional storage in it's 'attic' space. You will be building your shed on a skid foundation making this a portable building that you can move around as needed.         

Gable Style Shed Free Plan


free tool shed plans 

In just a 3 x 5 space, you can have storage space for gardening supplies, pool cleaning supplies, tools and more. Black & Decker has supplied these Free Shed Plans for this simple tool storage design.

Tool Storage Shed Free Plan


With 40 square feet of storage space and additional headroom storage, this Georgia-Pacific Garden Shed will cover most of your outdoor storage needs. A pdf that you can completely print out. The small attachment on the side is perfect for recycling bins, outdoor toys or wood storage.  

Garden Shed Free Plan




If you only need a small space for storing garden tools or would like to build a small smokehouse, this free shed plan from Ana White is just the thing. Follow along in the video as her husband, Jacob, provides you with a quick run through on building this adaptable small shed building.

DIY Small Shed Free Plans



schoolhouse style storage building shed free plans

This 10 x 12 schoolhouse style storage building by Family Handyman will require more knowledge of carpentry to build than most of the other free shed plans on this page. 

An adorable outdoor building that is perfect as a pool house, large storage building or finish off as a small guest cottage. 

Schoolhouse Style Storage Shed Free Plans



garden shed free plans

A large 10' x 9'10" storage shed that will fit most any storage needs. When you click through to these free storage building plans, go to the Project List that is immediately under the 2 images. The Project List contains all the links you need - free plans and free materials list. Any further down on the page and you'll be looking at plans for sale. 

Large Storage Shed Free Plans


If you are a beginner on building a storage shed, here is more help for you.

How to Pour a Concrete Slab For Your Shed.



Watch as professional woodworker, Eric Sorensen faces challenges as he builds a prefab kit that he purchased from Lowes.




Follow along as Jeff Thorman builds a small flat roof shed.



How to Build a Shed Floor.




Trying to decide whether to buy a shed or build a shed? This video may help.