6 Evergreen Perennials For All Year Green

These 6 low growing evergreen perennials will keep areas of your garden and landscape defined for all year green. Whether you are lining planting areas, walkways or lawn edging.

Heuchera or Coral Bells

Loaded with colorful leaves throughout the seasons, heuchera can grow in sunny to shaded locations depending on the variety.  Leaf colors range from deep purple to caramel to bright yellow green.

Caramel Heuchera



The solid Big Blue Liriope and variegated liriope are traditional evergreen perennials for lining walkways, lawns and for separating planting areas from the lawn space.


Dwarf Nandina Firepower

The Dwarf Nandina Firepower can be used as a compact shrub in areas where limited height is needed such as below low windows or low growing shrubby perennial hedge along patios and to separate gardening areas.

Autumn Brilliance Fern

For partial shade to fully shaded areas, the evergreen Autumn Brilliance Fern will shine a colorful light. Fronds range in colors from dark green to light green and golden to orange and rust shades.


Bath’s Pink Dianthus

Fluffy tufts of evergreen mounds are excellent for edging walkways and dividing garden settings. Late spring brings pink blooms that stand tall over the green foliage.


Harbor Dwarf Nandina

The ground hugging Harbor Dwarf Nandina matures approximately 20 inches tall with a 2 to 2 ½ foot wide spread. Foliage becomes dense as the plant grows. A great plant choice for covering large garden or landscape areas where taller plants cannot be used.