5 Fast Growing Ground Covers For Any Landscape

If you have areas in your garden or landscape that need coverage, try any of these 5 fast growing groundcovers to fill in.

Creeping Raspberry - a dense, thick leafed evergreen groundcover that will create nicely matted coverage. Easy to maintain without becoming invasive. 

Purple Wintercreeper - In the euonymus family, this evergreen ground cover is a trailing plant that prefers large spaces. Growns in full sun to partly shaded areas. Good solution for erosion and great lawn substitute.

Hypericum calycinum (St. John's Wort) - Versatile plant that grows as a small perennial shrub or groundcover. Grow in full to part sun, though plant in full sun for beautiful yellow flowers over spring and summer. An all round beautiful ground cover for garden and landscape areas.

Pachysandra Terminalis - Glossy foliage shines in areas with part shade. Easy to grow and low maintenance. Good choice to grow under shade trees and along shaded paths.

Vinca minor - This evergreen ground cover grows in full sun into shaded areas. Drought tolerant once established. Perfect for large areas to cover. As with many fast growing plants, vinca can be invasive if left alone. With a little attention and care, it can be grown safely in most landscape settings.