5 Easy to Grow Perennial Plants for Brown Thumb Gardeners

Even experienced gardeners like easy to grow plants when it comes to planting perennials. These 5 easy to grow perennial plants are destined to flourish even if you are a brown thumb gardener.

Plant these easy to grow show stoppers in well drained soil area of your garden or landscape. At planting, mix a handful of aged compost or manure mix into the fill soil, plant, water enough to settle the soil, surround with more compost or manure mix or shredded bark mulch and let grow. Water enough to moisten the soil around the new plants every 3 to 5 days if your area isn't getting regular rainfall. 

Planting in a yard or lawn is difficult on perennials (and shrubs and trees, too) when they have to complete with grass and lawn chemicals. It is always best to plant perennials in a defined garden or landscape setting away from lawns.

Here's our list of 5 perennial plants for brown thumb gardeners:

Daylily Flower

Daylilies - Just pick your favorite color and go with it! Pick several varieties so you have daylilies blooming June to August. Clip a stem or two off for a simple bouquet indoors. These plants enjoy full sun to lightly shaded areas.


Evergreen Dianthus Perennial

Baths Pink Dianthus - a beautiful mat forming evergreen perennial perfect for edging or defining borders. Prefers mostly sunny areas.


Shasta Daisy Becky

Shasta Daisy Becky - You'll love these long flowering daisy looking flowers. They like to spread, so allow some extra space. Clip dead blooms off to encourage more new ones popping up.


easy to grow yucca

Yucca - This easy to grow evergreen perennial is a striking addition to any setting. Perfect for full sun areas. A slow grower with amazing fragrant summer blooms.


Plant of the year 2018 - millenium allium flowering onion

Allium Millenium - This is the 2018 Perennial Plant of the Year is easy to grow. The large purple blooms are showy from mid to late summer. A smaller growing plant just right for nook and crannies of your garden.