The 5 Best Evergreen Privacy Plants

Whether you need a hedge of evergreen privacy trees or only 1 tree to provide a little blockage, here our the 5 best evergreen plants for you.

  • Need privacy but can't use a tall growing tree? Then the Steeplechase Arborvitae is the tree for you. Growing only up to 30 feet tall, this evergreen tree will provide you with the view block you need and not overwhelm the rest of your landscape. 
  • A native evergreen tree that is a favorite of both birds and humans, alike, the Eastern Red Cedar produces berries for feathered friends and the heartwood is aromatic which is commonly used for closets, hope chests and other storage units. The cedar is a sturdy grower that is an excellent choice for using in fields as part of a windbreak. 
  • Murray Cypress is a newer and hardier cultivar of the Leyland Cypress. This fast growing evergreen tree has been a favorite of Christmas tree growers in the U.S. Whether you shear your Murray for a Christmas tree or allow it to mature in size, you will enjoy it for years to come.
  • The  Arizona Carolina Sapphire Cypress is a true blue evergreen. If you're looking for a more unusual evergreen tree, then the blue Sapphire fits the bill. A fast growing tree, this Cypress makes an excellent hedge tree.
  • The ultimate in privacy tree hedges is the Thuja Green Giant. This Green Giant arborvitae is hardier, more adaptable and faster growing. A popular privacy evergreen tree.