11 Perennials That Are Better Than Shrubs

There are lots of perennials that offer more interest and color than many shrubs. While they may be a bit smaller than shrubs, perennials are easier to plant, require less care and won't over grow the area. So, with your next planting, don't just think shrubs, get creative and go perennials. You'll never miss shrubs again.

You will enjoy these 11 perennials more than shrubs in your landscape.

Brass Buckle Ilex

Russian Sage Little Spire

Yucca Color Guard

Shasta Daisies

Plum Pudding Heuchera

LIttle Dipper Cotoneaster

Hidcote Lavender

Celtic Pride Siberian Cypress

Blackeyed Susans 

Baths Pink Dianthus

Solomons Seal Variegated