Black Morel Mushroom Kits

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Black Morel Mushroom Kit

Morel Mushroom Hunting is a favorite activity for many in the mid-west regions. Now, you can grow morel mushrooms in your own backyard with our Black Morel Mushroom Kit. Set aside some of your fireplace ashes to dump onto the soil...they'll love it!

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Having access to your own sure thing crop of morel mushrooms, you're going to want new recipes for preparing your new found gold, so visit this page on the Missouri Department of Conservation site for some great new delicious morel mushroom recipes.

Your Black Morel Mushroom Kit contains enough black morel mushroom spawn to inoculate an area of approximately 50 square feet and complete instructions on how to develop your own morel patch. Kits are shipped year round, though planting time will be spring through fall when the ground is workable. Orders shipped through winter can be kept in the refrigerator until early spring planting. As this is a perishable, it is not refundable or returnable. 

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