Black Knight Butterfly Bushes

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Buddleia Black Knight Butterfly Bushes are rich color to add to your butterfly garden. These deep flowering buddleias are beautiful flowering shrubs that are hardy in zones 5 to 9. If you live in a colder zone, the tops in your butterfly bushes will likely die back over the winter.

They will come back the next growing season bigger and better then before. As with other butterfly bushes, they prefer full sun areas. The Buddleia Black Knight is the darkest flowered of all the buddleias, almost a grape-violet, and always one of our most popular butterfly bush shrubs. This plant is spectacular when paired with yellow blooming perennial plants like black eyed susan and yellow coneflowers

Tips for Growing Butterfly Bushes: Cut faded flowers off a butterfly bush regularly to keep it blooming throughout the summer.

Buddleias can be planted in full/partial sun with 4 to 8 foot spacing. They generally look their best in groupings of 3 to 5 plants. Alkaline soil (pH 6.5 to 7.0) is usually preferred. Fertilize in spring/summer with a slow release fertilizer. Deadheading them will keep the plants blooming longer during the season. In many areas, butterfly bushes are like flowering perennials and can be cut back nearly to the ground in winter. As they age, you may find yourself with more of a shrub that can be merely pruned in winter. One of the most common problems that buddleias experience is spider mites, which can be handled with regular (monthly) spraying of a miticide. Check for spider mites by taking a piece of plain white paper and placing it under several of the branches/leaves, tap the higher branches. If you see tiny red/rust colored spots on the paper, the plant is infected.


Black Knight Buddleias grows in one pint size pot.

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  • Category: Shrubs, Butterfly Bushes, Flowering Shrubs, Fast Growing Shrubs
  • Plant Type: Deciduous
  • Light Requirement: Full Sun, Partial
  • Soil Condition: Well Drained, Moist
  • Bloom Season: Summer, Autumn
  • Bloom Color: Purple
  • Mature Height: 5 - 6ft
  • Growth Rate: Fast-Growing
  • Planting Zone: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
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