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Cesky Gold Dwarf Birch

Cesky Gold Dwarf Birch
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Dwarf Birch Cesky Gold Betula -

Cesky Gold dwarf is just what its name says dwarf birch tree. It’s short, hardy, and sometimes acts like a birch tree right from the start. It comes in multiples hues: sometimes showing in resplendence yellow or red, and sometimes glowing in orange. But one thing remains all through this transformation. It looks jovial in the light, and it brings joy to the season with its fan-like shape when allowed to grow all natural without the fussing of pruning. 

The golden leaf deciduous shrub grows to 48 inches, hardly requiring space in your garden. What it doesn’t have in its miniature height, it gives in robust hardiness and ease of growth. It is the perfect height for separating areas of your yard or garden.

  • Cold Tolerant (to zone 2)
  • Foliage Colors of red, yellow and orange throughout growing season
  • Deer Resistant

This hardy little birch blooms best on old wood should have you smiling. It is resistant to deer and an wonderful new Proven Winners Shrub. Grows within the 24 to 48 inch height range. To create a hedge with the Cesky Gold Dwarf Birch Shrub, space plants 24 to 40 inches apart.

There is no easier plant to maintain than this. Right from the moment of purchase, it is almost a free ride to growth. You hardly need to put in any effort in pruning it, because it does not have any large branches. Excellent companion plants for this dwarf birch is the Ilex Strongbox and the Polar Gold Arborvitae.

If you need beautiful landscape plants, then you will not go wrong with this dwarf shrub size. While other plants will often peep out of your arrangement, the beautiful golden treasure fits subtly into whatever look you need, and stays there for good. If you are not getting it for the landscape, then it will serve you well as a border plant, or a container plant for the beauty.

This Cesky Gold Birch is a plant for all season. It thrives in the warmth and sun of the summer and survives the biting cold of the winter with no trouble. This dwarf birch keeps its colorful golden foliage all growing season and is striking when planted as a single shrub. 

Cesky Gold® Betula x plettkei 'Golden Treasure' Can 5,637


Cesky Gold Dwarf Birch is grown in a one quart container. Orders shipping to west coast addresses may be partially bare rooted for shipping.