Best Ways to Use Flowering and Evergreen Shrubs in Any Landscape Setting

  • Taller growing evergreen shrubs, and trees, help maintain your privacy as living fences.
  • Plant shrubs in groupings of 3 to 5 for strong visual effects.
  • Group 2 to 3 different varieties together for diversity and harmony of form, foliage and flowering times.
  • Flowering shrubs give a sense of volume to a flowerbed and anchor accessories such as statues, birdbaths, fountains, sculptures and ornamental rocks.
  • Large shrubs can be used to create an intimate corner or as a backdrop for other plants.
  • Summer flowering shrubs attract hummingbirds, bees and butterflies.
  • Use evergreen shrubs as foundation plantings for year around color and texture.
  • Dense growing shrubs can be planted to hide unsightly or maintenance areas, such as dog runs, heat/air units, outdoor storage areas.

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using shrubs in the landscape