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Berry Poppins Winterberry Holly

Berry Poppins Winterberry Holly
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Berry Poppins Ilex verticillata

Bright winter color and red berries for using in holiday arrangements. Berry Poppins winterberry holly is a native dwarf ilex verticillata. Good for rain gardens and is deer resistant.

The Jim Dandy is a male winterberry that is used to pollinate Berry Poppins Ilex verticillata which is a female Winterberry. You'll see lots of very small flowers on the Berry Poppins Winterberry Holly which is a deciduous flowering shrub, but without a male pollinator, it will not fruit. It has attractive, dark-green, healthy foliage and makes a rounded, compact flowering shrub that grows 3 to 4 feet tall and wide. One Jim Dandy male Winterberry can pollinate up to 6 nearby females.

Our 2 plant Berry kit includes:

  • 1 BERRY POPPINS FEMALE plant (the bright red berry producer) and         
  • 1 JIM DANDY MALE plant (the pollinator) to ensure best results.

Please note about size: Jim Dandy is shipped 2 1/4 inch containers.  Berry Poppins Ilex is shipped in a quart size container.

You may purchase additional BERRY POPPINS Ilex shrubs separately. Plant a row or mass planting of these great berry producers for use in holiday floral arrangements or just a bright holiday display in your landscape.

Uses for winterberry shrubs:
Great for use in the landscape, excellent winter interest. Beautiful for cuts to create holiday displays. Use in groupings and mass plantings, as perennial or shrub border plants. Good as specimens, screens, or hedges.

Vivid red winter berries are great for cuts or adding color to the landscape. May be pruned in late winter/early spring. Use Jim Dandy as pollinator. Mildew resistant. Native holly plant.

Ilex verticillata 'Farrowbpop' ppaf


Berry Poppins is grown in a quart size pot. Jim Dandy is grown in 2.25 inch pot. Plants shipping to AZ and CA addresses will be bare rooted and root washed before prepped for shipping.