Attracting Fairies to Your Garden

A lot has been written about how to create a garden that looks as though fairies live in it. There are gorgeously illustrated and photographed books on the subject. However, actually attracting real fairies to a garden is a slightly different proposition.

Fairies are a part of the natural world, which means they are what humans would call “wild”. Therefore, any garden that fairies could be attracted to would need to be a little bit wild as well. Take a good look at your landscape. A place that is far enough from “civilization” but close enough for you to get to easily would probably be a good spot.

Since nature doesn’t usually conform to straight lines, a fairy garden shouldn’t be shaped like some sort of rigid box. Fairies seem to like spaces that flow. In general, fairies don’t like to be seen, so placing stones to hide behind and small hollowed out logs to shelter in will make them more comfortable. If you’re crafty, you might try making a little house – something that looks like it could have grown there, perhaps. Or, if you’re not crafty, you could adapt a premade birdhouse. One thing that’s very important is that there can be no iron in a fairy garden. Iron hurts fairies, and thus they are repelled by it.

Since you are trying to attract local fairies, the first thing to plant should be wildflowers native to your area. Don’t plant them in neat little rows, though. Scatter them as the wind might. Remember, you’re trying to imitate nature – or a controlled version of nature anyway. Primroses are another excellent fairy-attracting flower, which would be very appropriate around the hiding-place stones you set out earlier. Roses, which are a favorite of many gardeners, are beloved of fairies as well. Roses can be put in any sunny spot, and will provide shade for any fairy dwellings you may have set out. Thyme is an herb that not only attracts fairies, but also allows humans to see them when worn. You can plant Red Creeping Thyme, Elfin Thyme, and Wooly Thyme as ground cover, and Lemon Thyme around any hollowed-out logs you may have placed.

How will you know if you have attracted fairies? If you see a ring of mushrooms or a ring of darker grass, then you’ll know that fairies have arrived. Pay attention to any changes in the fairy house. If you feel like there are more dragonflies than usual, they’re probably not all dragonflies. 

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