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What to Plant Along The Lakeshore

Lakeshores always pose an interesting scenario for the landscaper and gardener. In a wild, healthy setting, lakeshores encompass their own little ecosystem and have unique conditions. This is why lakeshores always seem to have some of the most interesting plant (and animal) life. This is also the reason why making special considerations for your lakeshore is important. Building along lakeshores disturbs, even destroys, the natural micro-habitat that exists there. Your lakeshore doesn’t have to revert back to a jungle for it to be a healthy, beautiful lake edge. You can plant along a lakeshore...

Riparian Zones and How to Care for them

Along with our last article on lakeshore planting, we thought we’d bring more attention to these specific areas with a more generalized guide. Areas along lakeshores, riverbanks, ponds, and so on are more respectfully known as “riparian zones”, which happens to be one of the terrestrial biomes classified on our planet (there are 15 specific types of biomes, by the way). And, as mentioned in the last article about lakeshore planting and gardening, these areas are unique, critical to environmental diversity and health, and require special attention. Gardening and landscaping in...

Planting Clematis

Best way to plant and grow your clematis vines and how to take care of them throughout the year. How to Plant Clematis Video How to Prune Clematis Pruning Groups of Clematis Explained