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Article Disclaimer

Every effort is made to ensure that articles are correct at the time that they are first published. While in certain cases we have made adjustments to them for obvious changes in the law or procedures, we do not guarantee that articles have been kept entirely up-to-date. Indeed, in many cases, no attempt whatsoever has been made to update them.

They are considered "historical" information. And the older the article, the more likely it is that something has changed in the meantime. Articles are intended solely as a helping hand, not as a definitive guide to any particular topic. It is therefore essential for readers to seek suitable professional advice before taking action (or not taking action) in specific circumstances.

Neither Greenwood Nursery(the publisher, editor, associate editor and writers) nor Land Steward can be held responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, that might be caused by any action or inaction based on the information contained in articles published in the online or printed versions of Land Steward and 'The Plant Man.'

The views expressed in articles are those of the individual author. These views are not necessarily shared by the editor or by the other authors. Neither Greenwood Nursery (the publisher, editor, associate editor and writers) nor Land Steward accept any responsibility for the contents of articles, info pages or other websites linked to this one.

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