Are Deer Using Your Yard as a Fast Food Restaurant?

Many homeowners are having this problem. Cities and towns are extending further into undeveloped regions and wildlife has no place to relocate. So...they begin to survive in new ways which includes eating your garden and landscape plants and deer seem to do the most damage.

Now...that being said, how can you as a homeowner control the deer damage and safely drive the deer away? Use a combination of the following tips as one won't generally do the job.

Deer Control Tips:

  • Plant deer resistant plants 
  • Deer repellents - direct repellents spray on the plants or are systemic while others are area repellents that emit a foul odor
  • Deer fencing - mesh type 6 to 7 feet tall
  • Tree shelters - use those at least 48 inches tall
  •  Homemade remedies                                                 

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