Arctic Sun Red Twig Dogwood

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The Arctic Sun Red Twig Dogwood will earn its place in your garden. This dwarf flowering shrub is a more compact version of the multi-colored 'Winter Flame' red twig dogwood. A full year of color beginning with pretty white blooms in spring. Lovely green foliage shows throughout the summer. Fall shows the foliage turning golden to peach shades. Once the leaves drop, the Arctic Sun Dogwood is fully exposed to show the golden branches with deep red tips. These 2 tone stems are popular when cut and used in flower arrangements

This dwarf cornus matures in the 3 to 4 foot height range with a spread of 3 to 4 feet wide. Spacing is recommended at 4 feet apart. The Arctic Sun Dogwood is a deer resistant shrub that is great paired with the Arctic FIre DogwoodRed Twig Dogwood or Yellow Twig Dogwood shrubs.

Arctic Sun Red Twig Dogwood is the results of Andre van Nijnatten, breeder of the Winter Flame DogwoodNative to North America.

Arctic Sun Cornus sanguinea 'Cato' PP: 19892 Can. PBRAF


Arctic Sun Shrub Dogwood ships in a quart size container.

Orders shipping to AZ and CA will be bare rooted and root washed before being prepped for shipping.

This item cannot ship into Florida.

  • Category: Shrubs, Flowering Shrubs, Fast Growing Shrubs
  • Plant Type: Deciduous
  • Light Requirement: Partial
  • Soil Condition: Well Drained
  • Bloom Season: Spring
  • Bloom Color: White
  • Mature Height: 3 - 4ft
  • Growth Rate: Medium-growing
  • Planting Zone: 4, 5, 6, 7
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