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Achillea Sassy Summer Lemon

Achillea Sassy Summer Lemon
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Sassy Summer Lemon Yarrow - 

The Achillea Sassy Lemon, or Yarrow Yellow, is a hardy and versatile perennial flower that stands higher than most Achillea varieties and with a more substantial presence too. It features showy bright yellow flower heads, each with numerous, tightly packed tiny flowers. These sit on top of clusters of fern-like foliage, creating a beautiful color pallet for any garden. It blooms in early summer, and will continue till end of the season. Mature plants grow to 24-48 inches tall.

Planting and Caring for the Yarrow Yellow

Planting of Achillea varieties is best done in the spring to capture the full season growth. The Yarrow is a hardy plant that does well in hot, dry conditions. Grow in average to poor soils - growing in rich soils will cause overenthusiastic growth which may require stalking. Soils should have very good drainage as the plant is not tolerant to wet soils. It also prefers direct sunlight, and should therefore be grown in areas it will receive at least 6 hours of sunshine every day. Yarrow plants are more aggressive growing perennials for their spreading. They are quick to establish and spread, and we therefore recommend cutting the plant by half when the flowers fade to encourage regrowth in the next season.

Watering should be done in moderation, and only if you receive less than 1” of rain per week in the summer. Dividing should be done every 3-5 years, and this also gives a good opportunity to remove dead stems from the clumps. Divisions can be replanted in other parts of the garden. The summer lemon is pest resistant, and attracts butterflies. It is excellent for cutting, drying, as a container plant, or for use in eclectic, prairie, and cottage gardens. It is also an aromatic herb with many healing properties. Reminds us of the Achillea Moonshine.

If you are looking for yarrow companion plants, Achillea Sassy Summer Sunset, Veronica Royal Candles, and Nepeta Walkers Low are a few great choices.

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Achillea Sassy Lemon is grown in 3.5 inch pots. Orders shipping to AZ or CA may be partially bare rooted for shipping.