AccuGrow Soil Test Strips

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AccuGrow Soil Test Strips are your most important gardening tool.  Grow greener gardens and  healthier lawns with the AccuGrow Soil Test.  Quick test your soil the smart way to grow beautiful healthy vegetables, flowers, fruits, lawns and houseplants. Only by knowing the nutrient levels in your soil can you determine what is needed to add to maximize growth.

Accugrow Soil Test Strips offer a fast, easy and accurate method to test your soil. With one easy dip into the soil sample, you'll get results in minutes -- no waiting for soil to settle or dry, no capsules or powders to dissolve.

Use Accugrow Soil Test Strips to check pH measures soil acidity or alkalinity. Your soil's pH level determines how well plants are able to draw nutrients they need from the soil. Because soil pH levels tend to change over time, it's important to test it regularly.

Nitrogen in your soil affects the part of the plant above the ground, especially the green, leafy sections. Correct Nitrogen levels promote healthy, green foliage and lawns. Soil Nitrogen is easily washed away by rain. For this reason, you should test for Nitrogen regularly. Phosphorus promotes strong root formation and root system development. Phosphorus also contributes to quicker flower and fruit production by helping protect the plant against disease and poor weather conditions.

Seed formation and germination in flowers, fruits and vegetables depend on Potassium. Proper Potassium levels in your soil will produce better-tasting fruits and vegetables. Monitor regularly by making AccuGrow Soil Test Strips a regular part of your gardening activities

Your Soil Test kit contains 40 tests per kit (Contains 10 Test strips which do 2 separate tests per strip)... 10 tests for Ph and Nitrogen, and 10 tests for Phosphorus and Potassium.