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Landscaping around Decks, Patios and Porches

Once the weather warms and decks, patios and porches are back in use, queries begin coming in requesting assistance in landscaping these areas. So, I thought it would be a good idea to offer these suggestions to all of our readers. The first task is to sit on your patio, porch or deck and actually look out (away from the exterior walls). What do you see? Do you see an open never ending lawn or, maybe it's a small enclosed area? What could you see as a focal point in your view? How do you feel about your deck? Is it quiet and cozy or more of an open space where you would prefer more privacy?...

Favorite Ground Cover Plants for Any Yard Space

Ground covers are highly desirable in the landscape. They can make a plain area into a blooming mat of beauty. They can fill in cracks between stepping stones, spill over landscape stone, or even replace a high-maintenance lawn. Ground cover can offer water-saving living mulch and will cut down the amount of weeds that you have to pull, making your gardening job a lot easier. There are plenty of types of plants that make great ground covers, but several are staples that fill needs that are common, and are still well behaved enough to live happily in a well-tended garden. Here are some...