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Rock Garden Plants

Rock Garden Plants | Plants for Rock Gardens

Check out our suggestions for your rock garden. Rock gardens are perfect for areas that are sloped, terraced, in full sun, have poor soil, or are located in dry regions.

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Azurri Blue Satin Rose of Sharon
Azurri Blue Satin Rose of Sharon is the first seedless Rose of Sharon with huge, blue flowers. This unique blue flowering shrub will make a beautiful addition to your garden. Azurri Blue Satin as a Rose of Sharon hedge.

Hosta First Frost
Hosta First Frost was named American Hosta Growers Hosta of the Year 2010. A Plaintain Lily, First Frost Hosta emerges in spring with blue leaves sporting wide gold edging. A medium hosta, the First Frost tolerates humidity, some wet soil and is dry


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