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Sun Garden Plants

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Pyramidal Arborvitae
Abelia Sunny Anniversary Flowering Shrub
Achillea Moonshine
Achillea Paprika
Achillea Sunny Seduction
Acorus Ogon Grass
Always Afternoon Hemerocallis
Anna's Magic Ball Arborvitae Thuja
Apple Mint
Artemisia Silver Mound
Azurri Blue Satin Rose of Sharon
Barberry Sunjoy Mini Salsa
Barberry Sunjoy® Gold Pillar
Bartzella Itoh Peony
Black Eyed Susan
Black Mondo Grass
Blue Balsam Peppermint Mint
Blue False Indigo
Blue River Lavender
Blue Rug Juniper
Blue Zinger Carex 'Blue Zinger Sedge'
Buddleia BiColor
Buddleia Ellen's Blue
Buddleia Nanho Blue
Buddleia Royal Red
California Privet | Ligustrum ovalifolium
Calycanthus Aphrodite Sweetshrub
Candy Stripe Creeping Phlox
Caragana Siberian Peashrub Plants
Carefree Celebration Rose Shrub
Celtic Pride Siberian Cypress
Chandler Strawberry Plants June Bearing
Chocolate Ball Sedum
Cityline Mars Hydrangea
Coral Drift® Rose
Coreopsis Autumn Blush
Coreopsis Rising Sun
Coreopsis Sunfire
Creeping Red Thyme
Crimson Red Rhubarb
Dark Green Arborvitae
Daylily Hemerocallis 'Ruby Spider'
Daylily Mix
Dianthus Fire Star
Dianthus Frosty Fire
Dianthus Starlette Double Pink
Dry Region Wildflower Seed Mix
Dwarf Pampas Grass
Echinacea Hot Papaya
Fall Gold Raspberry Plants
Fire Ball Euonymus Alatus
Fire Light Hydrangea
Fragrant Honeysuckle | Winter Honeysuckle
Gatsby Gal Oakleaf Hydrangea
Gatsby Moon Oakleaf Hydrangea
Gatsby Star Oakleaf Hydrangea
Ginkgo Biloba
Goji Berry Plants 'Big Lifeberry'
Golden Japanese Ogon Sedum
Golden Ticket Ligustrum Privet
Greek Oregano
Happy Face Potentilla | Bush Cinquefoil
Heritage Raspberry Plants
Heuchera Fire Alarm
Hibiscus White Chiffon™
Hydrangea Bobo
Hydrangea Limelight
Hydrangea Little Lime
Hydrangea Tuff Stuff
Hypericum Sunny Boulevard
Irish Juniper
Julia Child Rose
Knee-Hi Wildflower Seed Mix
Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Tree
Lambs Ears | Stachys byzantina
Lavender Plants Sampler
Little Quick Fire Hydrangea
Lombardy Poplar
Madame Galen Trumpet Creeper
Major Wheeler Honeysuckle
Mexican Feather Grass
Midwest Wildflower Seed Mix
Mint Julep Mint
Mojito Mint
Muscadine Grape 'Black Beauty'©
Muscadine Grape 'Darlene'©
Muscadine Grape 'Ison'©
Muscadine Grape 'Late Fry'©
Muscadine Grape 'Tara'©
Nandina Gulf Stream
Nanking Cherry Prunus tomentosa
Natchez Crape Myrtle Trees
Needlepoint Ivy
Northeast Wildflower Seed Mix
Nova Summer Red Raspberry Plants
Okame Cherry Tree
Orange Mint
Orange Trumpet Creeper
Oregano Hot and Spicy
OSO Easy Cherry Pie Rose
OSO Easy Double Red
OSO Easy Fragrant Spreader Rose
OSO Easy Italian Ice
OSO Easy Lemon Zest
OSO Easy Mango Salsa Rose
OSO Easy Strawberry Crush
PawPaw Trees | Asimina triloba
PeeGee Hydrangea
Phenomenal Lavender
Philadelphus Snowbelle Mockorange
Pineapple Mint
Pink Creeping Phlox
Pink Flowering Almond
Pink Pampas Grass
Pink Perfume Lavender
Popcorn Drift Rose
Poplar Hybrid Tree
Potentilla Mango Tango
Red Barberry
Red Creeping Phlox
Red Knockout Rose
Red Rooster Carex Grass
Rudbeckia Denver Daisy
Russian Sage 'Little Spire'
Sambucus Lemony Lace Elderberry
Sedum Blue Spruce
Show Off Forsythia
Sicilian Sunshine Bay Laurel
Society Garlic Herb
Solidago rugosa 'Fireworks' Goldenrod
Southeast Wildflower Seed Mix
Spicebush Shrubs
Sprinter Boxwood
Sugar Maple
Sweet Summer Love Clematis
Tennessee Beauty Strawberry Plants June Bearing
Thundercloud Sedum Stonecrop
Veronica Georgia Blue
Viburnum Handsome Devil
Viburnum Pragense
Vinca Minor
Vinca Minor 'Ralph Shugert'
White Chocolate Crape Myrtle Trees
White Pampas Grass
Wine and Roses® Weigela
Yellow Trumpet Creeper
Yellow Wall Virginia Creeper
Yuki Cherry Blossom Deutzia
Burning Bush Shrubs
Hypericum calycinum St. John's Wort
Nikko Blue Hydrangea
Sweetbay Magnolia
Dawn Redwood
Emerald Green Arborvitae Bare Root
Hibiscus Blue Satin®
Hibiscus Blush Satin
Veronica spicata Royal Candles
Monarda Fire Ball | Bee Balm
Red Rocket Crape Myrtle Trees
Echinacea Tomato Soup
Vinca Major | Big Leaf Periwinkle
Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea
Bloomerang® Purple Reblooming Lilac
Potentilla Gold Drop
Rosa White Out™
Euonymus Kewensis
Red Drift® Rose
Apricot Drift® Rose
Coreopsis Moonbeam
Aster Purple Dome
Heliopsis Summer Sun
Lilium 'Casa Blanca'
Musa basjoo - Cold Hardy Banana
Ilex Berry Nice Winterberry
Shasta Daisy 'Crazy Daisy'
Salvia May Night
Veronica 'Red Fox' Speedwell
Veronica spicata Sunny Border Blue
Chocolate Mint
Rudbeckia Autumn Colors
Laurentia Blue Star Creeper
Evening Primrose Sundrops
Achillea Summer Pastels
Scabiosa 'Butterfly Blue'
Creeping Raspberry
Clethra Sugartina Crystalina
Contorted Filbert | Henry Lauder's Walking Stick
Hibiscus Ardens Tree Form
Hibiscus Lady Stanley Tree Form
Variegated Weigela
Weigela florida | Old Fashioned Weigela
Nellie R. Stevens Holly
Snowcap Shasta Daisy
Goodwin Creek Grey Lavender
Sunjoy® Gold Beret Barberry
Wedding Ring Boxwood
Techny Gold Arborvitae
Itea Little Henry® Sweetspire
Spring Grove™ Thuja
The Fairy Rose

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Home > Problem Solvers > Sun Garden Plants > Sedum Dragon's Blood Red

Sedum Dragon's Blood Red

Dragon's Blood Red Sedum Stonecrop Image
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Planting Zones: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Plant Type: Deciduous
Light requirements: Full Sun
Soil Conditions: Dry, Moist, Well Drained
Height at Maturity: 0 - 1 ft
Growth Rate: Fast
Flowering: Yes
Bloom Color: Red
Bloom Season: Spring, Summer
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Sedum Dragons Red (12) plants $24.95 $22.95
Sedum Dragons Red (24) plants $44.95 $41.95
Sedum Dragons Red (48) plants $89.95 $82.95

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Shipping Details:

Size at time of shipping:  Potted plants in cell packs

Order in multiples of 12, 24, or 48 plants.

This item cannot be shipped into the west coast states of WA, OR, CA, AZ or outside the continental U.S. due to the delicate roots which cannot handle being bare rooted. Please check as Greenwood may offer a larger size, a comparable item or a bare root version with a stronger root system.

Orders shipping to the following states: AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, OR, UT, WA, and WY are subject to a 20% handling charge due to additional plant preparation and shipping surcharges.

Sedum 'Dragons Blood Red' is a fast growing ground cover plant with brilliant red flowers in late summer. The Dragons Blood Red Sedum is a succulent with needle-like leaves that turn vibrant orange-red in fall. The more sun the Sedum 'Dragons Blood Red' gets, the more intense both the flowers and foliage become. This ground cover sedum forms a dense mat 3 to 8 inch tall and spreads quickly.

These ground cover plants are exceptionally heat tolerant and drought tolerant. They are also cold hardy and will grow well in high humid areas. Sedum Dragons Blood Red will grow in poor, dry soil. This low growing Sedum can be used for containers, borders, edging as well as a dense spreading ground cover. 'Dragon's Blood' offers brilliant burgundy foliage.

Plant Spacings: 18 inches apart. 100 plants will cover 225 square feet.


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