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Vine-X Vine and Brush Control

Vine xVine and Brush Control

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Invasive vines and brush plants are a constant problem for America's gardeners, as well as for landscape professionals. Besides degrading the appearance of a well-maintained, cultivated area, invasives also compete with good plants for water, nutrients, and sun, and cause damage to property and equipment.

Now for the very first time home gardeners can use the same formula that vegetation control professionals have been using for years, in new Vine-X Vine & Brush Control. Vine-X is a custom-designed ready-to-use device that contains the very same specialty herbicide used by the professionals. It's unique features allow any user to apply the product safely and effectively, without spraying it through the air, dripping onto the soil, or drifting onto nearby valuable garden plants.

Vine-X allows the home gardener to eliminate vines and brush without any of the problems associated with conventional products:

How Vine-X works: The active ingredient in Vine-X is triclopyr butoxyethyl ester (BEE) in a special vegetable oil formulation that actually penetrates the waterproof bark of invasive vines and brush plants. Once applied to the stem or trunk as near to the ground as possible, Vine-X moves through the plant's internal capillary system to the root, where the active ingredient works to disrupt the plant's growth activity.

To use Vine-X, simply remove the child-resistant overcap, open the built-in valve at the top, then apply the applicator brush to the stem or trunk of the unwanted plant and gently brush on the prescribed amount of product needed to effectively destroy the plant. See the bottle label and instructions booklet for information on just how much product to use. Always replace the overcap securely when finished, and always store Vine-X and all other household chemicals out of reach of children. Vine-X is a multi-seasonal product that may be applied even when foliage is not yet present. Applications may be made as early as late winter in order to prevent new growth in the spring, and may be continued until late autumn, when plants initiate dormancy. To determine the proper time of year for use, use your planting zone:
  • For Zones 1-3: apply from March through September.
  • For Zones 4-6: apply from February through October.
  • For Zones 7-9: apply from February through November.
  • For Zones 10&11: apply any time of year.
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