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Creating Outdoor Privacy - Ideas for Making Immediate Private Outdoor Areas

2011 July 09
tags: Articles
by Greenwood Nursery

Creating Outdoor Privacy - Ideas for Making Immediate Private Outdoor Areas.

Greenwood's top 10 way for immediate outdoor privacy are:

  1. Strategically placed fencing section
  2. Lattice panels (especially good for corners and patios)
  3. Drape burlap or a dense fabric over temporary frames for tent like effect
  4. Trellises (don't hesitate to wind silk vines for color and privacy)
  5. Build large sections of frames stapling screen to the backs
  6. Stack potted plants – vary their heights by placing taller pots on tables or stands
  7. Pot up tall bamboo plants for a beautiful backdrop
  8. Check out the basement or garage to see if there is anything that can be taken outside (temporarily) for an interesting barrier such as old doors, shutters, screens, etc.
  9. Visit your local salvage store to look around – inexpensive sections of outdoor siding, for example, can be secured and painted for a great privacy divider

By Cheryl D. Jones

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